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I am living up to my internet potential.


These posters were all over Munich when I was there last summer, but when we tried to go to the exhibit they were closed, and the plans I had to steal one of them were never able to be put into action.

I have finally gotten around to looking for its source.

Do you have any pointers on how to convince a cat to wear clothes?

Always think about the cat’s personality beforehand, and don’t force the costumes upon them. Try to do it when they’re in a good mood, and say encouraging words to them. Cats love to be complimented. You can’t be half-assed about it either. You’ve got to be like, “OH MY GOD, you are so CUTE, you’re the best cat EVER!!” and they will actually feel it and feel better about wearing the clothes. Compliment your cat, and they will definitely get better at wearing clothes.”

That’s a good life strategy if I’ve ever heard one.

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