art projects that never happened #1


I’ve rarely wanted to do anything as much as I wanted to go sit in an airport while wearing a t-shirt that said “TERRORIST’ on Sepetember 12, 2001.

I was concerned for the people I knew that worked in the area of the attack, but how people were reacting 700 miles away, where I lived was just absurd. No one cares about this crap city, no one is going to attack it, and yet people were all freaked out, pretending that people cared enough about our almost a skyscraper to fly things into it. Calling the police in terror because of dropped flour bags in Walmart parking lots.

Really the only thing that stopped me was being really poor then. I wasn’t really fond of the idea of rotting in jail and knew I couldn’t afford bail.┬áSince then, many people have said that it’s probably for the best that I didn’t do this, I remain unconvinced.

That isn’t me, I stole the source picture for from here. This may be a good example of a shortcoming of CC licensing.

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