I’ve been listening to a lot of music on shuffle recently, and it ended up playing the Tim Exile song from the Warp 20 box set entitled “A Little Bit More”.  I had avoided listening to that track, I haven’t listened to a whole lot of the box set, but I especially skipped Tim Exile’s track as I found “Nuisance Gabbaret Lounge” to mostly live up to its title.  “A Little More” was really good though, so I eventually ended up tracking down his last album “Listening Tree”.  How one goes from making uninspiring, if not unoriginal, breakcore to making something this great (at its best moments at least) is not something I easily understand.

(pardon the stupid video, the song’s good)

I’m really enjoying watching the gradual development of a new genre as the more experimental and minimal electronic music genres get vocalized and become ever so slightly pop.  Matthew Dear’s “Asa Breed” would’ve been really incredible except for the slight issue of obnoxiously stupid lyrics.  Feel free to suggest other music like this, if I missed this album for more than a year, I’m sure there are several others I’m missing.

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  1. so the whole album is this good?

  2. that’s probably my current favorite song but I’d say half of the album is generally and approximately as good. none of its really bad, there’s just some instrumentals that are filler and a couple passable songs.

    your taste can and will vary of course.

    here’s a couple of other better tracks from the album: