when nothing else could help

ending credit theme for film I’m working on

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  1. did you compose this?

  2. it’s a traditional hymn

  3. did you arrange it? 😀

  4. I wondered if that’s what you meant, but you’re usually precise with your language so, yah everything but the melody is me

  5. indeed, i wasn’t aware that it was not an original composition, otherwise i would have asked that up front. i like it. how much do you do music these days?

  6. some? I broke down earlier this year and actually started learning theory and composition and all of that stuff that I always avoided, although I haven’t made it amazingly far as I’ve been working on so many other things. I have an album that’s fairly well constructed, in my head, that I expect should be out a year from nowish. The movie should also have a full soundtrack, sort of by me, although its mostly just pasting loops from chiptune sample cds together, so I don’t count it too much. $50 for a legit sounding soundtrack can’t be beat though, artistic validity aside.