I went to the dermatologist this afternoon, after having my last-hurrah with college in the form of a German final I did too well on in the morning, to have what I thought was a small cyst removed.

It ended up being some terrifying Geiger alien, videodrome-esque thing that was about the size of a rat head.  I think it was growing towards my spine.  I almost managed to simultaneously pass out and vomit as they tugged and pulled and cut far deeper in my body than I am used to feeling. Whatever the strong unidentified emotion I had been having earlier today, after having finished college after so long, was, it has been replaced by constant pain and a dreary tiredness that won’t let me sleep.

It’s like one of these that got lost and didn’t quite make it to the base of my neck:


Tonight, I’ve also posted a post commemorating my mother’s death and have back dated it to the day she passed.  You can see it here.

Pictures of the gore removed from my back after the break.


Is that a Japanese configuration?

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  1. Damn that’s nasty.

  2. 🙁
    I’m sorry love. Was it benign?

    So…what you are saying is that now that college is over you have no use for a brain? 😉 Smart move to have it removed, opens up so much storage space!

    Drop me a line, I miss your face.

  3. I got the news today (when I went in to get my stitches removed) that it was indeed benign.