i hate grabba grabba tape

I hate Grabba Grabba Tape.
Their last album, “KURT KOBAYA Y G.R.O.X. MAN ODIA NIRVANA”, released in 2006, was freaking incredible. Distilling all of the energy and frenzy (synth-)punk has ever had into a two member band, one on keyboards, one on drums, both singing on vocoder (and only on vocoder). They are quite simply amazing. They long topped my last.fm charts, and only partially because their tracks are so short (their 11 (13 with intro & outro) album clocked in around 17 minutes).  Their record label posted an update last April, saying they had completed recording their new album “LOS 8 TROVADORES DEL GOLDEN AXE” and that it would be released as soon as the band decided which label to sign a contract with, and that was the last it was heard of, until a new post last month saying that the album would be released approximately the same time as the end of the world. I’m tired of waiting and I’ve damned near worn out their old album. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I think this video speaks for itself:

I’ve long wanted to see them in concert, but must admit that desire is tempered by the disappointed review someone gave their live show on last.fm.  Not that the show wasn’t good, but that travelling 3 hours to see a 15 minute show was disappointing.  That it would take me 4 or 5x that to see them in any of the places I’ve seen them have shows so far does give me pause.

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