i like little bits of glassware

Full screen & HD are recommended.

I’m not an alcoholic but my drinking certainly escalated after a breakup in August, and especially after my mother’s death at the end of October. While it was available, a lot of what I was drinking was the 250th anniversary Guinness. While not the best beer in the world, it was better than most things in its price range (and very much preferable to regular Guinness in my opinion). After the first couple of cases didn’t get immediately thrown away, I apparently decided to keep the rest as they somehow got tied emotionally to what I was going through.

After the first case, I nailed a protective plexi-glass screen in place as I came way too close to killing my new $$$$ camera within an hour of using it.

If you break enough brown bottles, the dust they make looks exactly like brown sugar. I probably should have spent the time to find my respirator.

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