happy valentine’s day!

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I’m pretty disappointed in this. I got lackadaisical because I had done a pretest with one of the candles, and it had burned for half an hour, so I overestimated the time I had to mess with things, not taking into account the much smaller percentage of the candle that showed above the litter, and also the increased burn rate from the heat from all of them so close together. The fact that my camera was still set on SD from something else I had been working on the week before, and my complete lack of understanding how to prevent it from adjusting its light compensation also make it much crappier than it otherwise would’ve been. I’m out of candles and out of time, so this is what you get, presumably the end of me doing litter box themed projects.

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  1. what why when what where

  2. success!

    *insert long enough comment here*

  3. oops, stupid fb publishing messed that up, try again!