persistence is all

Last night I finished the first day of week 7 of the Couch to 5k plan, which means I officially made it further than I was last October when I stopped running when mother died.  Yesterday apparently was also the six month anniversary of her death, which I wouldn’t’ve known if it weren’t also my brother’s birthday (he mentioned it at his birthday dinner).

Hopefully running becomes easier soon, the plan has one continually pushing further, hopefully when that stops it will become less unpleasant.  My hip is still sort of bitchy…

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  1. i’m planning to start lifting weights soon. life sure does take you unexpected places

  2. yah, I’m considering doing a little of that once I get used to the cardio, doing both at the same time seemed a bit masochistic even for me

  3. i am more interested in the weights than cardio, but i will do a little cardio too.