the most difficult decision

One of my favorite thrift-store finds of all time is the copy of Final Exit that I found for $2.50.

I’ve never actually read the book, but what made my copy remarkable is that, at some point, a previous owner actually had read the book, and underlined the parts that they felt were most promising.  For me, this raises this particular copy of the book from slightly interesting  to being an almost poignant document of someone’s decision to end their life (or at least their debate about it).  I do always wonder if it ended up in a pile of things to be delivered to charity after this person’s death, it seems somehow too personal for someone to want to donate on their own.  As much as I’m intrigued by it, it isn’t something I need to carry around forever, so I scanned the interesting parts to archive for myself and thought I’d share them here.

Um, do keep in mind there were 2 corrected editions after this one, so it is probably worth the < $10 (and reading the entire thing) if you’re in a place where you need to take the advice the book gives.

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  1. creepy.

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