i don’t belong here

This song was the second song in the DJ set I did in February. If nothing else went well that night, playing it loud in the middle of this town in which I live, a town which I hate, was enough to make it worthwhile.

I more and more wonder just how many of the issues I’m having with my life would be solved by living in a place that doesn’t suck.

I haven’t written much this week because I spent all of the last 3 day weekend + an additional day that I took off at the last minute fixing my infrastructure so I was able to edit and post the second in the object series. I ended up thinking I maybe should’ve just bought a mac rather than saving $1400 building my own. I’m going to install Snow Leopard on it soon and see how many of its residual issues that takes care of, I may still buy a real mac yet.

I had intended on posting the recording of my DJ set, but I think I lost it while trying to get my crap working this weekend =/

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  1. living in a place that doesn’t suck is highly recommended. and there are a fair few to choose from! so far just in the US i give the stamp of approval to LA and SF, and tenative ones to (based on good visits) seattle, austin, portland, chicago, NYC

    even dallas seems like it would be livable.

  2. er, also, buying a mac from apple is not necessarily a recipe for working. my macbook crashes a fair bit or fails to wake from sleep a LOT. it’s irksome

  3. yah, I know, but when something is wrong it would be a lot easier to go ‘so is this a final cut bug or an osx bug’ rather than going ‘oh, its neither, the drivers for the ata controller that were hacked in flip out when memory rewrites happen so its caused by you having too much ram in the machine’ or the huge piles of other things I worked through. Not to mention the bugs that still exist that I’m working around.

    I’m assuming the omission of Pittsburgh off that list was an oversight? =)